With any house, old or new, once you start actually living or using the home certain practical issues will arise. There’ll be little things that become evident the more time you spend in the house. A door may work better if it opens the other way or is replaced with a bi-folding one; a wall or fence may be required to separate part of the garden from animals or children; an outdoor shower may be useful by the pool; an extra bathroom or storage area may become important.

These are all things that you may not necessarily notice until the house is being used daily. There are other things that you may decide to do to the home that affect your home life. Guttering can help to save rain water for use on the garden, or the swinging gate could be replaced with a sliding one allowing you better use of the driveway space. There’s always something that can be done to improve your home.

In addition to all the changes you may wish to make there are other considerations too. Samui has fairly harsh weather conditions with extremely long and hot sunny days followed by sometimes heavy rain.

This can take its toll on external woodwork and painted surfaces. Inside the house the daily wear and tear can result in walls and paintwork becoming marked. This can be especially noticeable in homes that are let to a number of different people throughout the year.

So, whatever your home is used for, and wherever your house is on Samui, at some stage you’ll need to find a company to either make changes or carry out some basic maintenance on your property. That’s when you need Cheer Force.

The owner of Cheer Force is Khun Jakgree Huinam who is originally from Samui and has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering as well as experience of working within the construction industry in Bangkok.

He started Cheer Force four years ago and since then the company has built a fine reputation for providing a professional service at a fair price. Cheer Force concentrates on taking care of household improvements for individuals, as opposed to getting tied up in long term contracts.


When he started the company Khun Jakgree noticed that most Samui businesses were only interested in big jobs with big profit margins and he sensed that there would be a gap in the market that he could successfully fill. He was right. Word of mouth about Cheer Force has spread and the company now employees 15 workers and has three vehicles to get around the island.

There are a number of advantages involved when using Cheer Force. The first and most obvious is that Khun Jakgree’s spoken and written English are exceptional. This in itself helps in two ways. When you speak to him you know that he understands exactly what you’re asking. And, when you receive his itemised written quotation, everything is completely clear about the work he will undertake and the materials he will use. This can be very comforting for western customers who need to know that the work done is actually what they’ve asked for.

Sometimes getting accurate quotations or even a vague price can be difficult in Thailand. With Cheer Force Khun Jakgree will visit you, discuss your needs and wishes and then within one or two days send you a full written quotation. 


For a Thai owned company Cheer Force has a very western approach which helps to breed confidence among customers. On the prepared quotation which is provided for every job, no matter how small, everything is laid out and transparent, including the cost of materials, labour and even what profit the company is making. This is all very important. For instance; if you receive a quote, and it appears to be expensive, then you can look at the breakdown and see where the problem is. If a particular material is pushing up the overall price then Cheer Force will provide a second quote with an alternative material that could bring the quote down to match your budget.

As with many western tradesmen Cheer Force operates a payment system where the customer pays 60% of the total before work starts, to cover materials and labour etc, and the final 40% is paid upon completion.

Cheer Force has a number of multi-talented staff which means that you can let the company take care of everything including design, tiling, roofing, woodwork, painting, construction, guttering, electrical work, plumbing, repairs, restoration and renovation. Basically if you need something designed, built, repaired or maintained then Cheer Force can usually do it.

All work is overseen by Khun Jakgree and only when you, as the customer, and he are both completely satisfied will the job be considered finished. The quality of work is not in any doubt and this can be judged by the trust placed in the company by well known real-estate companies and property owners around the island.

In some circumstances before and after photographs are provided where work may be difficult for you to check; such as in loft spaces or under the house.

By having one company do everything, it can lower the costs, get things done faster and generally make things much more convenient.
Cheer Force provides a quick and reliable service; if a date and time is arranged then they will be there. Obviously things can happen that may affect the work schedule; despite the company’s talent it has yet to master control over the Samui weather. However, if there is a problem then Khun Jakgree will inform you of any delay and the reasons why.

Khun Jakgree and his staff are always smiling, polite, friendly and genuinely happy in their work so Cheer Force couldn’t be a more appropriate name