Cheer Force has been responsible for carrying out work for major real-estate and property development companies, as well as completing work at many businesses and private residential homes around the island.

Here are a few examples of some of the company’s work.

Elegant Building

bulding, house

Swimming Pool

pool, house

To lay out textiles

textiles, house

Protect Rain

protect, house

Install Canvas

Install Canvas, house

Install Doors

Install Doors, house

Repair Roof

Repair, house

Repair House

repair, house

Building Road

Building, Road

Repair Swimming Pool

Repair, house

Building House

Building, House

Building House

Building, House

Repair Floor

Repair, Floor

Repair Water Pipe

repair, Water Pipe

Repair Table

Building, Table

Repair Roof Textiles

Repair, Roof Textiles

Repair Door

Repair Door

Repair Rails

Repair , Rails

Roof Maintenance

Maintenance, Roof

Floor Maintenance

Maintenance, Floor

Ceiling Maintenance

Maintenance, Ceiling

Wall Maintenance

Maintenance, Wall



Door Maintenance

Maintenance, Doors